Welcome to Ghana Together

Working hand in hand with our Ghanaian partners, we are improving the health, social, and educational conditions in their fishing community.

We focus on the Axim/Nzema District in the Western Region of Ghana, accomplishing projects with capable Ghanaian friends, connecting Axim citizens to resourceful individuals and organizations, and creating sustainable programs together.

Have you been looking for a way to get involved at the "grassroots" level?

Does the possibility of connecting with a stable African country in a meaningful, cooperative way intrigue you?

Are you, like us, inspired by helping vulnerable children go to school? Supporting dedicated science teachers with few resources? Improving computer technology where there is little to none? Outfitting schools with roofs, desks, mosquito-resistant windows? Helping local folks build toilets and hand sanitation stations? Supplying a meager public library with children's books and other resources? Developing leadership skills among women and men?

We engage with local Ghanaian leaders on current and future projects in Axim, Ghana where the economy is based on seasonal fishing. You can see the fishing canoes and harbor in our masthead. Here are subsistence farming, and pervasive poverty, but also engaged, determined community leaders.

Let us introduce you to Ghana Together!