Ghana Together Affiliates

As part of our Mission, Ghana Together facilitates other organizations or individuals that wish to work in Ghana when our mission and values mesh. Axim is a municipality, not a village, so there are many opportunities there, as well as great need. Our own skills and resources go only so far so we leverage our knowledge and connections to "link" others to on the ground connections in the Axim/Nzema area.

We can help with project planning, assessing need, communication, money transfer issues, information, and local connections. Our Ghanaian Western Heritage Home partners coordinate on the ground there, especially interfacing with entities such as the District Assembly, Nzema-Axim School District, Chief's Office, and local contractors.

If your organization would like to develop a project in this part of Ghana, please contact us.

Organizations that have worked with us...

Unleash Kids, a group professional volunteers building off One Laptop Per Child's community support legacy, works to give schools and libraries a better shot in all countries. Thanks to this informal group, Axim has two installations of "Internet-In-A-Box" as the Axim Library and at Axim Girls Senior High School.

WikiMed Foundation, which uses internet-in-a-box technology helped us acquire two prototype WikiMed devices for nursing schools. They contain medical-specific information, allowing schools to have up-to-date medical info in the absence of internet capability.

St Philip's Episcopal Church, Rochester, Michigan USA - Under the leadership of members Barry and Regina Lawler, the church developed its own Millennium Development Goal project. With our help, they worked with St. Mary the Virgin's Anglican Church in Axim to build a two-room crèche and also work with the Axim Public Library to expand resources and programs for children's services.

Engineers Without Border-NW Washington Professionals - Bellingham, WA USA - EWB NWW is a Professional Chapter of EWB-USA, a non-profit humanitarian organization established to partner with developing communities worldwide in order to improve their quality of life. This partnership involves the implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while involving and training internationally responsible engineers and engineering students. EWB NWW built the first Urine Diversification/Dehydration Toilet at a junior high school in Axim, with the logistical assistance of Ghana Together and Western Heritage Home.

Jamkay Enterprises Ltd., Sekondi-Takoradi, Ghana - A construction and real estate company in Sekondi, Ghana owned and managed by James Kainyiah, Chair of the Board of our partner organization Western Heritage Home . James is the Founder of WHH and the driving force behind its work in Ghana.