Ghana Together Mission

The vision of Ghana Together is to empower Ghanaians to achieve their own community educational and social development goals by assisting them in recognizing their own capabilities and connecting them with resourceful individuals and organizations.

To achieve this vision, our mission is to assist selected local Ghanaian non-governmental, charitable, and educational organizations to create sustainable programs that improve the health, social, and educational conditions of their communities by:

  • Building or improving schools, children’s homes, community centers and the like for care and education of children and youth, and as community learning and meeting places;

  • Teaching skills to help Ghanaians recognize and develop personal and community resourcefulness;

  • Giving Ghanaian charitable, educational, and non-governmental organizations financial, technical, and informational support; and

  • Linking Ghanaians with charitable, educational, non-governmental, and non-profit organizations and resourceful individuals that foster personal independence and self-sustaining solutions for community social, health, and educational improvement.

Official Documents

The following documents are available to the public in pdf format. Click on the links below to view them.

Note that because Ghana Together qualifies for the "postcard" method of filing for the IRS, we have not included links to our IRS filings. Financial information is available on request.