Ghana Together Annual Update Letters & "News"

Every fall, Ghana Together publishes an Annual Update Letter reporting the progress on our various projects and programs for the past year and our plans for the upcoming year. We share these via email or postal mail with donors and friends.

Here's a link to our very latest annual "report":

Ghana Together Annual Update Letter

You can also keep up by subscribing to our occasional News Updates by clicking on "News Updates" on this website's menu bar and filling in your email address.

 Again, this is an inexpensive way for us to keep you, our "investors", friends, and families both in the US and in Ghana, informed. We use our posts for what we think is really interesting, and we never ask for donations via news postings.

Our aim is to build a community between Ghanaians and "the rest of us." Why not? Using our technology, which is becoming available to them (although frustratingly slowly in out-of-the-way Axim!), we of Ghana Together can foster a link between us. It can't hurt and it might help us all get along and understand each other better! (Hopelessly idealistic, we realize, but it can't hurt to try!!)