Ghana Together asks for your help on projects in Axim.  We have worked with the Western Heritage Home (WHH)  Board and other leaders in Axim since 2006. We've earned the respect we enjoy both in Ghana and here in the US. We and our Ghanaian counterparts, together, are trustworthy conduits if you'd like to help an African community help itself.

WHH started their local Axim-based, Ghanaian-registered non-profit to improve their own community. We formed ours to give them a hand-up. Our mutual commitment is long-term. We base our work on shared mission, professionalism, mutual respect, and friendship. We join WHH in our thanks.

If you wish to write a check, please make payable to Ghana Together and mail to:

Ghana Together
808 Addison Place
Mount Vernon, WA 98273

Or, you can make your tax deductible contribution via PayPal using your account or by credit card:

Ghana Together is a U.S. 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Your contribution is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our Tax ID (EIN) is 26-2182965. We are registered as a charitable corporation in the State of Washington, Registration #25219 (

All our administrative costs, including travel, are paid entirely out-of-pocket by our Directors themselves. All donations go directly into projects. All work done here in the US is volunteer labor.

Mutually agreed-upon plans for 2022:

We have agreed that 2022 will be our "Phase-Out Year". We will keep our 501c3 non-profit status active through 2022, but we will not renew it in 2023. Therefore, our goal is to complete all projects, including ensuring all scholarship students are supported to the end of their coursework, and the new library is open, functioning, and "handed over" to the Ghana National Library Authority. Western Heritage Home is a Ghanaian NGO, is independent from us, and will continue. They are becoming more locally focused, similar to a local American non-profit. Any funds left after our Ghana Together projects are complete will be left with them. We've worked together for 16 years--we trust each other!

  • Make sure all the children and youth we currently are helping stay in school, as possible, whether on-line or in person during this pandemic of COVID-19.
  • Complete the new Axim Public Library. Construction started in early 2020, and continues, albeit somewhat more slowly because of the pandemic. The new library will feature children and adult spaces, internet center, and computing center. It is located strategically right downtown, with five primary/JHS schools in close proximity. Finally...!!!

AND IN THE DREAM CATEGORY...if you are looking for a way to really make an impact... :)

If any other groups want to help Western Heritage Home with their mission, they are always interested in any ideas that improve the lives of children, especially. The Urine Diversification/Dehydration toilets which were introduced by Engineers Without Borders are proving to be a good solution. EWB built the first one, we built two more, and now one more has been built by another NGO in a nearby village. Yes, we know people want modern, flush toilets, but at schools in rural areas, the UDDTs are proving to be a very workable solution. If you'd like to fund know who to call!!

-We are confident that with our 16 years experience in the Axim area, relations with local leaders, etc., we can put any funds to good use. If YOU, dear Reader, have a good idea, you know who to call!

Some of our best understanding, so far, about how to help...

Be cautious about sending material "stuff” to Axim. Material possessions there, especially among children, are few. We like items not readily available there that advance learning such as One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) computers, solar-powered (non-graphing) scientific calculators, children's books, educational games, and science materials. Likewise, we try to always hire local people. We share our skills generously, but avoid doing the work ourselves if local skills are available.

To be perfectly honest...the most useful donation is money. We wire safely bank to bank—thereby avoiding extra fees for overweight luggage, shipping costs, hassles with customs, petty thievery, etc. To avoid undercutting local businesses, we bring only items that are necessary or highly desirable, but not reasonably available for purchase in Ghana.

Be open to ideas, suggestions, proposals, criticism. If you'd like to get involved, please contact us! We are learning as we go and welcome your insights.

Be available. We like to give presentations here at home! We have great photos and interesting stories!

Be humble...try not to do any respect...

And to remind you all: 100% of donations go to our projects. Our Ghana Together Board Directors pay all administrative and travel expenses ourselves...including travel (including to Ghana), office, communication, mailing, etc.

Thank you!